two hobgoblins start making out at your door

pls leave


quick doodle while it’s still Easter


quick doodle while it’s still Easter

angry hobgoblin banging at your door yelling obscenities because you stole their hobgoblin boyfriend

They’re welcome to take back their hobgoblin boyfriend




Every localized Ace Attorney changes the setting from Japan to America and it gets funnier with every game since they get more and more Japanese and the new one is set in 19th century Japanimage




Hamburgers, known the world over as the representation of American food (and not to be confused with Hamburg steak), didn’t appear in this uniquely American form of meat patty of patriotism between two buns of freedom until the world’s fair in 1904, according to most burgerologists. And the text at the top indicates this is the 19th century Meiji period. So while it did last through the first decade of the 20th century, since specifically the 19th century is mentioned, we must be able to concur that this protagonist (I’m going to bet they name him Phoebus or something) lives in the Meiji Period any time from 1868 until 1900, before American Hamburgers were in their current form. Therefore, it is impossible for him to eat his hamburgers, no matter how much localization might be baked into that meat!

how do you feel about angry boys in short shorts

I do not like anger

Keep angry people(Especially boys) away from me or else I’ll cry big tears

Ham? got kidnapped in the department store and that’s shit because she was pretty much the only person keeping the whole party not dead.

Eggs? pretty much faits all the time now and while Bees? can stand pretty decently on his own it’s still hard since I’m so used to having people behind my back protecting me

Ham? come back the boys(especially Eggs?) are useless without you.


I, for one, welcome our future Indian-Chinese lesbian cyborg president.


Forget that Japanifornia comic and look at this; the artist clearly knows what’s up.

Hm, I can’t think of anything I truly really want for the next months, except for the Kirby game coming out in May(I think) and Tomodashi life…

I think I’ll do good on saving money from now on!